Hidden Litter Cat Boxes - Custom Textured

Custom Textured Hidden Litter Decorative Planters

Over the past few years we have received multiple requests for an upscale Hidden Litter planter that is made to look like real pottery. We found a luxurious sand stone material that not only looks and feels like natural pottery clay but also will adhere to our plastic units with flexible durability and still look like a natural piece of pottery. Its luxurious appearance will be a great addition to your home. "NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW - - - - IF YOUR CAT DOESN'T TELL." Please contact us with any requests for special design, color or information. Enjoy Shopping.......................

For over ten years, Pets Best Products has been manufacturing the cat-owners decorating dream: the Hidden Litter box, an invisible litter box disguised as a beautiful, designer planter fitting for any location in all home styles. The owner, Ron Evans, hand textures these custom models making each a uniquely designed cat litter box perfect for your decor.
Apartment dwellers like Katie Behan from New York City raved, "Living in a one bedroom apartment in New York City, space is certainly at a premium. Once I found [Hidden Litter], I was able to place it beside a hutch in the foyer, the least trafficked corner in the apartment… a wonderful product for apartment dwellers!"

Our Custom Textured Hidden Litter’s Decor and Contemporary models are shipped with a "Fix It", Replace or Refund warranty, as a testimony to the product’s durability and the company’s commitment to quality. All products are backed by a money-back guarantee.

Some of our Designer Hidden Litter Cat Box's Features:
*Turns an unsightly kitty litter box into a decorative piece for the home.

*Freedom to turn the planter/litter box opening away from view .

*Allows pets to enjoy privacy while using their litter box.

*Closed container hygienically controls sand and debris that an open-box would tend to scatter.

*Lightweight planter top is easily removed allowing litter access for easy maintenance.

*Multiple planter/litter boxes can be placed around the house and in bathrooms for your pet’s convenience.